Our Work

Our Schools

WYCF’s main ambition is to provide and maintain a safe, healthy and proper learning environment for our children. Our full-time job is running our primary schools in Kroo Bay and George Brook, Freetown. We are responsible for providing primary school education to 1,072 children in these communities – 577 girls, 495 boys. Our trusted and committed teachers follow the national curriculum. Read More

Child Protection

At the core of all that WYCF does, our main concern is the well-being of our children. Child exploitation, domestic violence, rape, alcohol and drugs abuse and homelessness are just some of the most critical situations WYCF, our children and families have faced along the years. In each case, our Team has articulated with the relevant entities – partner organisations, police, hospitals – in finding an appropriate response. Read More

Secondary School Scholarships

The Secondary School Scholarships programme was created to give all children graduating from WYCF primary schools a fair chance in continuing to pursue an education and enhance their life opportunities. Read More

Football for Child Development

Football for Child Development is born out of the need to engage our students in physical education while keeping them busy and in great company. Read More

Girls to Women Reusable Pads

Every menstruating girl and woman has the right to access information and safe, affordable, culturally appropriate and environment friendly products. Providing daily cleaned gender-segregated bathrooms where the girls can wash and clean themselves and change menstrual hygiene pads is a fundamental part of our work. Read More

Family Business Grants

Family Business Grants empower families to support their children’s education even after they graduate from WYCF schools. Read More

Equal Opportunities for Girls

In partnership with Street Child, WYCF is delivering a project emphasising the importance of girls’ education called ‘Girls Speak Out’. Read More

Community Outreach

WYCF recognises that our children’s lives are made of different components and there is much work to be done outside the walls of our schools.
We have delivered training and sensitisation on relevant issues such as Health & Hygiene and Sexual and Gender Based Violence Read More

Emergency Response

Ensuring our children and their families remain safe means facing emergencies alongside them and providing relief. For as long as WYCF has existed and worked in Kroo Bay and George Brook, we have witnessed and worked through extreme, sometimes life-threatening episodes. Read More