Equal Opportunities for Girls

December 2016 – Ongoing
In partnership with Street Child, WYCF is delivering a project emphasising the importance of girls’ education called ‘Girls Speak Out’.
After a nationwide consultation with 2,000 girls, we now have vital information on the main barriers felt and the solutions proposed by the girls themselves.

The challenges expressed by the girls:
– Poverty;
– Loss of key care-givers;
– Teenage pregnancy;
– Early marriage;
– Insufficiently supportive adults and communities.

The solutions suggested by the girls:
– Financial support for education;
– Business support to parents;
– Improved school facilities and teachers;
– Advocacy;
– Counselling support for girls.

WYCF supports the delivery of this Street Child project in Freetown. As an ongoing project, we will continue to assist the upcoming phases.

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