Football for Child Development

November 2016 – Ongoing
Football for Child Development is born out of the need to engage our students in physical education while keeping them busy and in great company. WYCF observed that teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and forced/early marriage were on the rise within our target communities, so implementing new activities was the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together through a game they love.

The challenges:
– Lack of structured physical activities in our students’ academic routines;
– Need of extra-curricular activities conducive to healthy habits;
– Poor interaction between WYCF schools, as well as with other neighbouring schools.

Our solution:
– Implement friendly football competitions between the students of WYCF schools and other schools;
– Call on the surrounding communities to participate and support the football teams;
– Promote teamwork, respect and discipline;
– Advocate for children and their rights.

The outcomes:
– 6 primary schools from 2 communities participated in the competition;
– High participation rate of both boys and girls;
– Adoption of physical education as a structured, yet fun and collaborative activity;
– Children feel included and valued for their talents;
– Improved self-esteem and confidence amongst the children;
– Enhanced collaboration between children from different backgrounds and neighbouring schools.

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