Child Protection

No child should endure abuse, exploitation, or exclusion.

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At the core of all that WYCF does, our main concern is the well-being of our children. Child exploitation, domestic violence, rape, substance abuse and homelessness are just some of the most critical situations WYCF, our children and families have faced along the years. In each case, our Team has articulated with the relevant entities – partner organisations, police, hospitals – in finding an appropriate response.

The most valuable tool we have created and implemented is our Child Files, which consist of a personal file for each child enrolled in our schools, gathering information about their living situation, including learning, housing, family and medical conditions. All confidential information is collected through individual interviews with each student and their parents or guardians, and is then recorded into a database. Ultimately, this allows us to monitor and assess our children’s progress and attend to their specific needs.

The database also feeds us information on the overall challenges of our target communities and lets us know what projects we should be implementing in answer to the problems observed.

We Yone Child Foundation is fighting against child labor and sexual and gender-based violence. We provide more than education by leading the outreach, protection, and monitoring needed to keep our vulnerable children safe.

Child LAbor & Trafficking

Children work in fields and factories, they sew footballs and t-shirts, they pick coffee and cocoa, they mine, they dig, and they fight in wars. Sub-Saharan Africa has the greatest incidence of child labour – 26.4% of all 5 – 14 year olds. 

These children are trapped in poverty with little hope of escape. Child labour deprives children of a childhood and the opportunity to develop thier full potential. It jeopardizes their overall development and interferes with their right to education. Without basic skills and education children remain in low paying (and often dangerous) work. These children and their families are consigned to a life of poverty and vulnerability. Moreover, child labour keeps adults out of the work force or at low wages since employers prefer to hire children because they are cheaper and more obedient. Therefore, child labour also undermines the development of the community and country as a whole. 

To fight child poverty, one needs ot address child labour and provide formal, full-time and quality education to all children. Education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized children and their families can lift themselves out of poverty.

The study carried out by the WYCF team discovered that 3,000 children in the western Urban and Rural District of Sierra Leone were engaged in economic activities, while 2,000 were found in conditional hazardous work. The fact that child labour remains acceptable and accessible to children is a dangerous precedent for other innocent ones who have never tried the trade. The study also concludes that the situation of child labour may be worse that presented due to the various economic and non-economic activities in the District. Our argument at WYCF is that no matter what reason, a child’s priority should be to study for a meaningful future. 

Sexual & Gender Based Violence

Group discussions and sensitization meetings held with residents of WYCF’s target communities indicated a minimal awareness of Human Rights and a disturbingly high rate of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). 

Gender inequality and violence against women remain prevalent at all levels of society in Sierra Leone, women and children being the most affected groups. 

Bring hope to our children

Every child deserves to be free and safe

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