Get Involved

WYCF’s success is made possible by our network of supporters.
 In-country or remotely, volunteers, interns, fundraisers and patrons each play a significant part in ensuring our projects are made reality and our children have better opportunities.
Please have a look at all the different ways you can help too!


Volunteers play a key role in WYCF’s success and we welcome them year-round!
Volunteer roles can range from teaching a class, to working one-on-one with students with particular needs, to developing proposals, to designing a community project, to assisting with overall office work – just to name a few examples.
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WYCF has hosted several students from different nationalities who are looking for an international placement to fulfil their university requirements. To name a few, we have welcomed Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Global Health and Human Rights researchers.
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For those who want to get involved but can’t travel to Sierra Leone – you can still help us tremendously from home! Fundraising is a constant need and responsibility, as it ensures the implementation and continuation of our activities.
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Becoming a WYCF Patron means being part of a small group of philanthropists supporting a grass-roots organisation developing and implementing high-impact projects within two slum communities in Sierra Leone’s capital – Kroo Bay and George Brook.
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