Volunteers play a key role in WYCF’s success and we welcome them year-round!

Volunteer roles can range from teaching a class, to working one-on-one with students with particular needs, to developing proposals, to designing a community project, to assisting with overall office work – just to name a few examples.

Whatever the case may be, we tend to give our volunteers a lot of creative freedom over their work, whether it is in the office or out in the field.
Since 2012, we have hosted 30+ international volunteers of about 10 different nationalities from all over the world – and some of them have even travelled to Sierra Leone to work with WYCF more than once!

We have continuously perfected our culture of volunteerism to provide the best experience and the best collaboration possible to both the volunteers and the beneficiaries of our projects. We have created the WYCF Home with international volunteers in mind.
It is a modest home at the heart of a typical neighbourhood in Freetown, where visitors can find safe and comfortable accommodation at an affordable cost.

We ask all volunteers to commit to a fundraising target – which we help them meet!
Our work is only made possible through successful fundraising and so we encourage our volunteers to look at fundraising as an added opportunity to experience the daily efforts of our Team, as well as to gain valuable skills complementary to the other tasks they will be taking on.

Please get in touch and let us know when, for how long and why you would like to become a WYCF volunteer.
We will send you detailed information about traveling requirements, accommodation options and living costs right away so we can start to plan your trip as soon as you would like!