Secondary School Scholarships

August 2016 – Ongoing
The Secondary School Scholarships programme was created to give all children graduating from WYCF primary schools a fair chance in continuing to pursue an education and enhance their life opportunities.

The challenges:
– 3‐5% only of WYCF students successfully followed through to secondary school;
– Prohibitive costs related to secondary school enrolment and attendance;
– School dropouts in favour of engaging in petty trading or other forms of increasing the families’ incomes.

Our solution:
– Make sure every child takes their entry exams;
– Build relationships with local secondary schools;
– Provide a subsidy that covers the student’s fees, uniform and learning materials for the school year;
– Send the children to school and carefully monitor their attendance and progress.

The outcomes:
– 171 students – 82 girls, 89 boys – have benefited from this project since its inception and until December 2017;
– The percentage of WYCF students who continue through to secondary schools rose to 96%.

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