A Global Generosity Movement


Sierra Leone

Date: 05.05.2020

Movement Lead: Santigie Bayo Dumbuya

Phone: : +23275334750 

Giving Tuesday Sierra Leone

Long-term goal:  To build strong partnerships and provide the tools and resources needed to all members and partners of Giving Tuesday Movement in Sierra Leone to carry out Giving Tuesday activities in all Districts of Sierra Leone.

Short-term goal: To build on strong partnerships, registered the movement and launch Giving Tuesday Movement in Sierra Leone by end of 2020.



As a movement we strive to accommodate all and encourage all to be generous givers and bride generosity across all.

  • Build strong partnership with 12 local and International NGOs and local CBOs including companies for Giving Tuesday activities by 2020.
  • Launch Giving Tuesday Movement in Sierra Leone by August 2020.
  • Visitation and donation to 3 children hospital and established Giving Tuesday within 2 Primary Schools by 2020.
  • Establish an official website for Giving Tuesday Movement in Sierra Leone by December 2020.

Overall goal: Giving Tuesday Movement Sierra Leone is a loosely organised Global Generosity movement with sustained campaign in support of a social change and generosity across Sierra Leone. 

Managing Resources: We are a movement and we do not handle finances but we instead encourage all supporters and donors to donate to charities like they normally would (through other crowdfunding sites, banks, checks, etc


Sierra Leone Culture of Giving/Philanthropy: The name “Sierra Leone” dates back to 1462, when Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra, sailing down the West African coast, saw the tall mountains rising up on what is now the Freetown Peninsula and called them the “Lion Mountains,” or ” Serra Lyoa .” Successive visits by English sailors and later British colonization modified the name to “Sierra Leone.” Despite distinctive regional variations in language and local traditions, Sierra Leoneans today are united by many factors, such as their shared lingua franca Krio, widespread membership in men’s and women’s social associations and societies, and even sporting events, especially when the national football (soccer) team plays.

Giving among families and friends is common among Sierra Leoneans. Many young people are involved in community philanthropy charity activities and self-help activities at local levels. Giving Tuesday Movement Sierra Leone will spearhead and serve as a platform where charities can learn from using various tools and ideas that inspires thousands of people to embark on the act of generosity across communities.


The membership of the Giving Tuesday Movement Sierra Leone is open to all organisations including but not limited to community based organisations (CBOs, NNGOs, NGOs, Embassies, Development Agencies, Disable groups, Private Sectors/Companies, Youth groups, etc. Below few list of partners already identified.

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