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Social Worker

We have rendered enormous support for the Government by complimenting their effort  in terms of education and supporting the underprivileged children in various ways.    
Santigie Bayo Dumbuya: WYCF Founder & Director
Santigie Bayo Dumbuya

Our Ambassadors

Marcus Olsson

Marcus Olsson


Traveling to Sierra Leone for the first time in 2015, Marcus started by teaching our children in Kroo Bay. After returning home to Sweden, he maintained a close relationship with our Team and supported our activities through fundraising. Marcus came back to Freetown in 2017 as part of his Master’s research and is now planning a new trip to collaborate with WYCF on an Arts project in late 2018.

Sara B May

Sara May


Sara met WYCF in 2015 when she travelled from the USA to Freetown to photograph our work in Kroo Bay and George Brook. She has since remained an avid supporter, having fundraised to alleviate our running costs and even travelled back to Sierra Leone to further document our activities.

Liz Hunter and Helen Lee

Liz Hunter and Helen Lee

Liz and Helen first expressed their interest in WYCF in late 2016. After months of planning, they became keen fundraisers in the UK and finally met our Team in Freetown to help us launch the Girls to Women Reusable Pads project in October 2017. They remain closely involved and supportive of WYCF activities.

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