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Why Education

Without education children in deprived communities are less likely to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and they may never have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Globally nearly 400 million children of primary school age cannot read or write. More than half of all 3 to 6 years old have no access to Pre-Primary education and 25million children will never enrolled in school and 2/3 of them are girls.

WYCF’s main ambition is to provide and maintain a safe, healthy and proper learning environment for our children. We provided primary school education to 836 children directly in these communities – 518 girls, 318 boys. Our trusted and committed teachers follow the national curriculum.

These activities are supported by the provision of teacher training, learning materials, stationary, voluntary teachers’ assistants, community committees, a growing library, Summer School and medical assistance when necessary.

WYCF Kroo Bay Community School

Kroo Bay is located in Central Freetown. An estimated 10,989 people live in this mud-sand bay, 2015 population and housing census.

We run a primary school for 170 children – 107 girls, 63 boys – in the heart of the community. From this base, we also work to raise the living standards of our children’s families.

For three years Mr. Kamara, the Head Teacher, led classes for his willing audience in an iron shack. Today and after WYCF secured a safer location and built a school with better conditions, we employ 7 committed teachers.

We Yone Primary School

George Brook is located in the green hillside of Freetown. It has an estimated … habitants

This school was built from scratch by WYCF in 2016 out of the growing need for more space for the out-of-school children in this community.

Employing 6 teachers working with 363 students – 160 girls, 203 boys –, this school has become a landmark for WYCF’s strong presence in George Brook.

Our Rural projects:

Magbele Ferry Village is located in the Port Loko District, Koya Chiefdom. WYCF in partnership with the Wegdam Foundation Netherlands coordinated by CEO Brian Wegdam; we are renovating full six classrooms structure with furniture, toilets and School administrative building that host over 350 vulnerable children from over 12 surrounding Villages in the Koya Chiefdom. Plans are on the way to expand to other communities and districts.  (Photos).

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